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  • What is a Studio Florist?
    As a studio florist I predominatley work on events and special occasions from weddings, parties and farewell/funeral ceremonies. Unlike a retail florist I don't carry stock on a daily basis but I do offer a range of floristry products that are made to order, such as hand tied bouquets. If you would like to enquire about my availabily or place a special order you can message me here or via Instagram or Facebook.
  • How do I place an order?
    Just drop me a message here or alternatively via Facebook or Instagram where you'll find bouquets containing examples of current seasonal blooms.
  • Do you deliver?
    I'm based in Penketh, Warrington and currently deliver to the wider Warrington area. Deivery charges start at £5.
  • What's a sustainable florist?
    This means wherever possible I try to ensure I'm using methods that don't cause harm to the environment or excessive waste. For example I try to reduce single use plastics, floral foam and source locally where possible. Sometimes, as a business, it is necessary to use the most cost effect solution and this on occasion it may require the use of the mentioned items, but I will endeavour to find the best alternative first. Will I use imported blooms? Absolutely! There's a whole global network, including the livelihoods of families across the world that rely on global flower trade, but I do try and reduce the amount I use so to lower air mileage and pollution and to also support British flower farmers.
  • Why British blooms?
    There's something so whimsically romantic about a British flower. Think meadows in Summer, butterflies, and bees. Also, modern mass production in the global flower market has meant many flowers lose their scent in the process. Sourcing from British flower farms, plus complimenting with some of my own specifically grown blooms means I get to inject that scent plus the whimsical way of the British bloom into each piece of floral art I produce.
  • How many stems are in a bouquet?
    There's not one simple calculation for this as not all flowers are created equal, for example a tulip is cheaper in cost per stem than a peony. Imported flowers can help to increase seasonally availability of blooms but can mean a price per stem can fluctuate depending on how far away from the natural seasonal life cycle of the flower. Also, annual celebrations such as Valentines and Mother’s Day can have a huge impact on fluctuating prices of flowers. For this reason, I don't work to a strict stem count and tend to be more fluid dependent flowers and foliages used.
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