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Choosing Your Wedding Florist

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

If you've landed here I imagine congratulations are in order! You may be at the start of your wedding journey or already have various plans booked. Whichever point your are at, you're obviously now pondering on how you'd like to floralise your big day.

Whether you'd just like a bouquet for yourself or are looking at larger installations, choosing the florist that you'd like to work with is a pivotal point of making your vision come to life.

Any wedding florist worth their salt will have a great portfolio, but will showcase this in various ways. Most of my recent work can be seen via social, both on grid and highlights. Although many of us are formally trained to various floristry techniques, like any creative we do have a style.

Looking through various portfolios will give you an idea of the artistic angle of that particular designer. Do they prefer to work loose and wild or more structured, are they seasonal, sustainable and does this fit in with your vision? For example do you have a November wedding but want to include peonies? Once you've squirrelled down your list the best thing to do is drop a message, but when you do, just add some simple pointers. Let us know the date of your wedding and the venue. These simple details from the outset will automatically let us know if we have the date available.

Finally, make sure you book in a meeting. I offer this from the initial enquiry as it's important to know if you can work together. I also can delve deeper into what the whole vision of the day will be, which ultimately helps me to advise and compile the initial quote.

Finally, be open to ideas. We are trained professionals and have walked this path many times. We can help advise on flower choices styles and what will or won't work in a particular environment, so the most important part is trust. Do you trust us enough to deliver on the day for you?

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