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Why choose your local florist

Everyone knows you can grab a bunch of floral goodness from the supermarket, bunches strategically placed at the front of the store to grab your attention before the grind of the weekly shop has you running for the till. Bought in huge quantities, the supermarket has a distinct price point advantage against the local community florist. But what does the local community florist offer you and why should you continue to buy from us?

First and foremost, has to be personal service. When purchasing flowers for a gift you get to actually chat to a human being, and do you know what - we like that. We want to know all about the person who is buying and the person who is receiving. Is it a birthday, anniversary, thank you or a thinking of you gift? We love hearing all about these little snippets to build up a personality of the people who buy and receive our floral art. Ultimately, we are artists taking personal commissions.

One of the most rewarding, and probably the most important part of the work we do, is farewell flowers. This is our unique service. We are literally in the business of love, and love comes in all different forms, from new love, to heart wrenching goodbye love, everything we touch has love in its foundations. We sit quite comfortably with people who have experienced loss, quietly listening and learning, building a picture of the needs and wants of those gone and those left behind.

Unity! Celebrations of unity are the ones we live for - creating a backdrop for the merging of two people is such an honour, we subtly sit in the background transforming places and venues, bringing the outside in or just painting a blank canvas with colour, texture and depth.

Community! We are part of our local community, we deliver locally, we shop locally, we employ locally and we live and socialise locally. We have a great insight into the workings of our local area and as such, what makes you all tick, how we can support the area and what part we can play to improve the community. Fundamentally, we are an integral part of the local economy, the type of economy that has been a lifeline for many over the last twelve months.

Essentially, we are part of the fabric of the community, and despite challenging times wish to be for many years to come!

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